Border Areas Department Border Areas Department

Border Areas Department acts as a sole Department to look after the problems and provide minimum basic facilities to the people living in the remote interstate and International border areas of Assam within a radius of 5 to 10 km. of its Constitutional boundary.

There is a Directorate under the Administrative control of Border Areas Department. The main function of Directorate of Border is to implement Border Areas Dev. Programme both interstate and international border areas of Assam. To implement the schemes under interstate border (DCP), the fund is released to the concerned Deputy Commissioner. For implementation of the schemes and for BADP, SCA, the Directorate is implementing the schemes in 25 border blocks through selected executing agencies, covering 7 bordering districts.

As per annual allocation of fund provided in the State Budget, the Department collects necessary proposals from concerned Deputy Commissioners as per Guidelines on BADP issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Border Management, Government of India. The concerned executing agencies execute the schemes as per guidelines accordingly after approval by the State Level Screening Committee and approval by Government of India. With regard to the Decentralized Plan Schemes, the procedure framed by the Planning and Development Department has been followed.

Activities of the Department:

(a) The Interstate and International border areas of Assam are very sensitive areas, where a good number of people have lived in poor and deplorable conditions for decades. Therefore, to provide better facilities and to introduce a better living standard, the Border Areas Department has taken all the necessary steps. Almost all the interstate and International Border District (within a radius of 5 to 10 Km) are benefited from the Plan Project.

(b) The BADP and SCA schemes are proposed and submitted by concerned Deputy Commissioner to the Directorate after selection of schemes through a block level selection committee. Then, a State level selection committee headed by the Chief Secretary, representative of Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, and other Govt. officials and Security Personnel approve the schemes and communicate the same to Govt. of India. After getting the fund from Govt of India, plans and estimates are called from concerned executing agencies which are accorded administrative approval for implementation of the schemes. On receipt of requisition from the concerned executing agencies, funds are released in 2 installments. The first installment is 60% and on receipt of Utilization Certificates and Progress Reports, Copies of bill and vouchers, inspection report etc. the balance fund of 40% is released.