Permission to make Additions or Alterations to the installed Escalators


Who should apply?

Any owner of an installed escalator shall apply for permission to make additions or alterations to the installed escalators.

Documents Required:

  •  Layout of the escalator installation
  •  Plan
  •  Sectional elevation
  •  Angle of inclination of the escalator with the horizontal
  •  Width of the escalator
  •  Vertical rise of the escalator
  •  Arrangement of track and trusses or girders
  •  Position of top and bottom landings
  •  Size and position of the machine room with respect to the escalator
  •  Position of the escalator machine
  •  Details of complete step treads and complete assemblies


15 (Fifteen) working days from the date of submission of application, completed in all respects along with documents as per checklist.

Fees and Payments:

Refer to Fees

Department of Power