Seeking Approval for Commissioning of Electrical Generating units


Who should apply?

The owner of any installation shall make an application for commissioning of electrical generating units which is to be submitted to the concerned authorized officer of Inspectorate of Electricity, (Govt. of Assam).

Documents Required:

  • Copy of “No Objection” or otherwise permission from appropriate owner of the land/ premises, in case the applicant is not the owner
  • Electrical lay out drawings that show the appropriate rating/type/size of all electrical Generators, equipments, accessories, panels etc. including changeover switch/interlocking arrangement in the single line diagram and dimensions / clearances etc. in the physical layout plan & in the details of earthing layout plan
  • Manufacturer’s test certificate of both alternator and engine
  • Structural fitness certificate of the building from the Municipal / Development / Appropriate local Authority and from the Structural Engineer who designed the building structure, if the Generating set is installed at any floor above ground floor of the building
  • NOC from the State Fire Service if the Generating set is installed at the top of the building
  • Copy of purchase document of Generating set
  • INSULATION TEST RESULT OF AC GENERATOR -   Annexure DG I : Click here to download Annexure DG I
  • TEST RESULT OF AC GENERATOR EARTHING -   Annexure DG II : Click here to download Annexure DG II
  • CABLE TEST RESULTS -  Annexure DG III : Click here to download Annexure DG III


15 (Fifteen) working days from the date of submission of application, completed in all respects along with documents as per checklist.

Fees and Payments:

Not Available.

Department of Power